2 more peregrine falcon eggs arrive at UC Berkeley campus in East Bay

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- More have arrived! At around 3:15pm on Friday, the mother peregrine falcon at UC Berkeley laid two more eggs!

Check out the moment when Annie gets up, makes a noise, and low and behold: three peregrine falcon eggs lay on the nest at the Cal campus.

The first peregrine falcon egg arrived in the East Bay on Tuesday. Two links to the live cameras are down below.

UC Berkeley's peregrine falcon parents, Annie and Grinnell, are expecting their first offspring of 2019.

You now can tune in 24/7 to follow their journey.

"Thanks to a crowdfunding effort, two webcams are in place on the Campanile, where the falcon couple has raised their young the past two years," says Carla Cicero, staff curator of birds at UC Berkeley's Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.

One camera looks directly onto the nest, the other camera is located on the balcony where the babies exercise to develop their flying skills.

"The cameras will allow students, the campus community and the public to watch the birds - to see how they interact and observe the eggs as they hatch, then the chicks as they grow and learn to fly," said Cicero.
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