Bay Area kids sell lemonade to help aid Harvey victims in Texas

TIBURON, Calif. (KGO) -- If you believe in grassroots efforts for Hurricane Harvey, look no further than sidewalks across the Bay Area. And look to our kids who spent Labor Day selling lemonade, baked goods, and toys - all for Texas.

"Do you want a small or a large?" Ava Jensen asked a customer who responded, "Two smalls."

Ava answered, "Of course, coming right up."

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In Tiburon, California, or anywhere else, it's a rare sight for cynical eyes -- an 11-year-old girl working harmoniously with her 9-year-old brother.

In addition to lemonade, Ava and her brother Aaron Jr. sold their toys as well.

"Well, I always feel good about helping kids in need because they are just like us," said Aaron Jr.

Their mother Shelly Jensen told us, "I am very proud of them. They want to help out. I am amazed by their level of empathy."

When asked how they teach that, she said, "We talk to them a lot."

Her husband Aaron Sr. added, "I think the kids are empowered. They get an idea. They put on a sale."

It worked -- friends and strangers alike stopped.

After buying lemonade, Jack Webb and his father Jeff came back down to donate a few more toys. And they were not the only return customers.

"This is teaching that it doesn't matter where you are. You can help people anywhere," said neighbor Lara Dellarocca.

At the two-hour mark on Monday morning, the sweet children, their friend, and neighbors had made $40.

When life gives you a hurricane, make lemonade. It works.

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