25 boys allegedly film sex acts with girl in school bathroom

FORT MYERS, FL -- One female student and multiple males had sex in a South Fort Myers High School bathroom, filmed it and then placed the video on social media, according to a police report.

The incident involved a girl and as many as two dozen boys, according to a Lee County Sheriff's Office incident report.

Students are wondering where the administration was when all of this was going on.

"There's always security guards in our hallways," said student Erin Bollinger. "I just don't see how that could've happened."

Students say the whole thing was recorded and posted on social media.

"There's girls that saw the video once and it hurt, it is just so disturbing to them," student Casey Winn said.

While some parents are concerned, others say they trust the school district to handle the situation.

"I trust them to take care of it. I really do. I think that that is their job and they will take care of it," one parent said.

The girl's mother is not planning to press charges, the sheriff's office said, and a school district official stated that the students involved have been disciplined.
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