Ecstatic Golden State Warriors fans get tickets to Stephen Curry's party in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- It says a lot about Oakland's love for Stephen Curry that a line of fans two blocks long got up well past their bedtimes to wait outside the Golden State Warriors star's store at 472 9th Street in Oakland on Thursday morning.

If only the two block line had moved as fast as this time-lapse video.

It's the happy ending to a social media post that drew a larger crowd than anyone expected after Curry invited fans to a party at the Fox Theater on Friday night. It will celebrate his 10 years in Oakland and also his new shoe, which is where this story became complicated.

Curry's first message told fans they could get those free tickets at his pop-up store. It's one they found to be closed on Wednesday, creating confusion and disappointment.

"It doesn't bother me that this is a shoe promotion but it does bother me that it is not an explicit shoe promotion," Kachi Okoronkwo told ABC7 News on Wednesday.

On Thursday, after Under Armour and Curry got onto the proverbial same page, we found a much better vibe.

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"Honestly, it's about the community," Karen Ross told us.

At noon, the first in line entered the store, then emerged with their free, no-strings attached tickets.

"I'm ecstatic. Over happy," said one fan.

"Is it like winning the lottery?" we asked Chrystal Timmons.

She answered, "No, but close enough!"

Under Armour promised 225 pairs of tickets, Thursday only. To claim one, hopefuls needed to arrive early enough to receive a numbered coupon. Then they stood in line, again.

"It's like flying on a certain airline, but the airline is worse," said Curtis Ross.

Kimberly Delaney, a mother, picked up ticket #225.

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"What's it like to be #225?" we asked.

"I feel like Willie Wonka. Like it's the golden ticket!" she said.

And that's it. They're gone, unless you listen to KMEL-FM, which continues a promotional give-away through Friday.

In the meantime, we're curious about Craigslist.

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