Police detain man wielding metal bar in Hayward after chase across Bay Area

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A driver is in custody following a high-speed chase that started in Berkeley, crossed two bridges, and ended in Hayward.

The CHP resorted to a PIT maneuver to force the man to lose control and stop his car. The driver is in police custody following the 45 minute pursuit that topped 90 miles per hour.

VIDEO: Man with metal bar dances on car on I-80 in Berkeley before chase through Bay Area
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A high-speed chase that went through several parts of the Bay Area all began when a man pulled his vehicle over to the median on I-80 in Berkeley and started dancing on top of his car while shaking a metal bar around.

It all started on Interstate 80 near the University Avenue exit in Berkeley when the man pulled his vehicle over to the median and got up on his pickup truck to wave a crowbar around while the morning commute moved passed him.

The pursuit continued across the Bay Bridge, down Highway 101 through the Peninsula, across the San Mateo Bridge and eventually ended in Hayward.

During the chase the man could be seen from SKY7 wildly waving the metal bar outside the driver's side window and, at times, taking both hands off the steering wheel.

VIDEO: Metal rod wielding man arrested, identified after chase around Bay Area

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A man wielding a metal rod led police on a more than 50-mile chase around the Bay during the Monday morning commute. SKY7 captured it from the air and our photographers on the ground got the strange beginning and dramatic end.

At one point he hit at least 80 miles per hour, as clocked by SKY7's SKYMAP technology.

The chase continued at reduced speeds when he got off the highway into Hayward. He eventually drove onto West Winton Avenue where the CHP performed a PIT maneuver.

Police, with guns drawn, were able to get the driver to get out of his truck. He was put into handcuffs and taken into custoy.

No injuries were reported during this morning's chase.

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