Father rants after finding no changing table in men's room

A father is speaking out after he wanted to change his baby's diaper, but there was no changing table in the men's room.

The New Hampshire father of four went on a rant and released it for all to see on social media.

It all started when Chris Mau was out with this family. His 8-month-old daughter Kali was crying because she needed a diaper change.

He stopped in a restaurant that had a children's play area, but discovered the men's room did not have a changing table.

"I can't justify leaving my daughter in a messy diaper to try and locate a proper changing table, so I threw down the emergency towel, as I call it, which I always keep in the stroller," Mau said.

Mau hopes that in the age of gender equality that more businesses will provide changing accommodations in both the women's and men's rooms.

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