Visalia twins graduate from Cal, land jobs at Apple

VISALIA, Calif. (KGO) -- In two weeks students from the Haas School of Business will gather at the Greek Theater to receive their diplomas. Among those graduating are identical twins from Visalia, Cameron and Tyler Haberman, the first in their family to graduate from college.

Born in Visalia, and educated at the Haas School of Business at CAL, the Haberman twins are somewhat hard to tell apart.

Except Cameron's nose is different because he's broken it three times. "Right here where it should be straight down, it dips right here and that's how most people can tell us apart," Cameron says as he shows us.

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How about their teachers?

"We have name cards in the classroom so I pretend that I can tell them apart, but I can't, explains Kellie McElhaney, one of their professors.

"If someone accidentally calls one the wrong one, we might play around for a few minutes until they catch on," says Tyler.

Cameron is older by one minute and he doesn't brag about it, but he has a slightly higher GPA, something they tried to hide in their blue collar community.

"Back home education isn't as valued as it is here especially Berkeley, says Tyler.

They do almost everything together. They've have many of the same classes and now both have been hired at Apple, in their finance department. Apple knew they were twins.

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"The hiring manager told the story about twins in the past and how they hired one twin and not the other and they ended up being an amazing worker and she said she's never making that mistake again," reveals Cameron.

They credit their parents for putting their education above all things.

"The fact that we got here means a whole lot. We didn't just take a step forward, we took a leap forward, says Tyler.

"No matter where we've gone in life. I've always had someone that I can rely on. I can always lean on Tyler when things get tough," said an emotional Cameron Haberman.

Sometimes success comes in pairs.

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