What Really Matters: California's Crowning Achievement

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In his weekly on-air commentary, ABC7 News anchor Dan Ashley addresses California's new Crown Law that protects people from discrimination based on their hairstyle or texture.

It always seems that whatever kind of hair we have, we want something different.

My hair is naturally fairly wavy and coarse and I've always wished it was softer and straighter. Think Robert Redford!

California's new Crown Law was brought into sharp focus this week because of the very personal stories shared by my ABC7 New colleagues Ama Daetz, Kumasi Aaron, and Jobina Fortson.

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They were open and honest about an issue that is far more common than many of us realized.

Each week, ABC7 News Anchor Dan Ashley offers commentary on the important issues affecting people where you live. Here's a look back at previous segments.
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