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Fed up? Curious? Furious?! If you need help, just ask Michael Finney, your own consumer expert from 7 On Your Side!

7 On Your Side's Consumer expert Michael Finney answers your questions, every weekday on ABC7 Mornings. Submit your video questions and tune in at 6 a.m.

Question 1:
Matt from Manhattan Beach asks: do food samples at the stores actually help sell the food product?

Apparently, it works. The Atlantic had an article that showed pizza samples increased pizza sales by 600-percent. And interestingly, if you taste a sample, there is research showing you feel social pressure to buy the product. Something to think about, the next time you shop.

Question 2:
John asks: Are there any safety concerns with fidget spinners?

There are concerns with fidget spinners. The Consumer Product Safety Commission started looking into allegations the popular toy can fall apart, and that some small pieces might be swallowed by a young child. And, I reported last month, here on abc7 news, two moms said, a bluetooth fidget spinner burst into flames while charging. So now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is also investigating that latest claim. It's always important never to leave a spinner or gadget on a charger while you're asleep or away.

Question 3:

Ruby from Oakland asks: I have a phone problem. I'm trying to get it restored. It has been turned off. What can I do to restore it a timely manner?

Sounds like they turned off your service. If you're current on your payments, call, and ask what's up. If they don't have a good answer, call or write me here at the station and I will ask them to check into it.

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