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Michael Finney answered these questions:

Question 1:
Sam P. from Santa Rosa emailed: I pay my water bill through the rent. I just found out we're being charged more to make up for the vacant apartments. Is that legal?


Sam, when an electric or gas meter is shared between units the landlord is required under state law to disclose payments to the tenant. With water bills the rules are murkier. If you are all sharing a single meter and no one is in the apartment you shouldn't see much of an increase, maybe paying a bigger share of the landscape watering.

You might ask to see the bill to make sure you are only paying the split you agreed to in your rental agreement.

Question 2:
Diane W. asked on Facebook: My father has a reverse mortgage. He's leaving his home to me and my brothers. How exactly does it work if we want to sell it?

Diane, it is pretty easy. The home is sold and the loan is paid off, anything money left over is given to the heirs. If there aren't enough assets to pay of the loan, you do not have to pay the difference under most circumstance.

Question 3:
Mishel H. from Castro Valley emailed: My husband's 93-year-old grandmother is still driving. She recently fell. The DMV won't revoke her license. How can we stop her from driving?

The DMV won't revoke one's license because of age. But, it can put her through a driving re-examination, which includes a vision test and a written medical history by her and her doctor. This can be done for any driver, not just seniors. A number of people can request a reexamination including a family member, friend, police officer or doctor.

The DMV also has a senior public advocate program that works with family members on getting a restricted license or installing devices in the car to assist the driver. For more information, click here. .
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