Kindness making a comeback with viral graduation speech

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Sometimes commencement speeches resonate so strongly, they go viral with people besides graduates. (KGO)

Commencement speeches are encouraging and often profound, but sometimes the words resonate so strongly, they go viral with people besides the graduates for whom they were originally written.

"As a goal in life, you could do worse than try to be kinder," George Saunders said in his speech.

New York Times best-selling author George Saunders' graduation address from a year ago hit a nerve and is now the subject of his latest book, "Congratulations, by the way."

His words are helping kindness make a comeback.

"Certain virtues, like, like kindness, like gentleness, compassion, they somehow got a downgrade to soft virtues, you know, optional virtues," Saunders said. "Yeah, you can be kind, after you've won. And I think that's kind of wrong."

Kindness -- a degree we can all graduate with, and share with lots of pomp and circumstance.
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