The Most Cringeworthy Interviews From TV

There are classic broadcast journalism interviews that reign immortal in the heart of the public even years after their original airing. The Frost/Nixon sessions, Princess Diana's interview with Martin Bashir, Oprah talking with Michael Jackson. These interviews serve as important political and cultural touchstones, a simple conversation illuminating the world's issues at that time.

And then there's these guys.

Whether these anchors should have been sent back to journalism school, or these guests sent back to rehab or the looney bin, these interviews are awkward, cringe worthy and impossible not to enjoy. Nancy Grace is the most recent offender, but she shares a long history of embarrassing and hilarious encounters with some of her not-so-esteemed broadcast colleagues. Here are the most cringe worthy broadcast interview.

Nancy Grace

It could have been an incredibly touching moment, a father learning that his missing son was still alive. But then Nancy Grace turned this should be moment of touching emotion into an attack on the father's handling of the situation. Grace does raise important questions though of how police weren't able to find his son if he was just hiding at home, but she still could have waited to strike instead of immediately an aggressively questioning an emotionally distraught father.

Charlie Sheen

It all started with Charlie Sheen disputing with his bosses on "Two and a Half Men" back in 2011. What snowballed from that Hollywood dispute completely dominated the internet landscape for weeks on end.

How Andrea Canning was able to maintain full composure through Charlie Sheen's erratic and alarming rant is a miracle. But watching Sheen discuss his drug use and dropping his eventual signature quote "winning!" for the first time was the most talked about interview of 2011.

Jim Rome Gets Tackled by Jim Everett

Jim Rome made an early name for himself with his no-holds-barred and highly opinionated discussion on sports. But Rome's words pushed Quarterback Jim Everett too far, with Rome jokingly referring to the bulky QB as female Tennis player Chris Everett. But after Rome continues to push the footballer even after several warnings, Everett finally snaps and gives Rome a piece of his own medicine.

Bill O'Reilly

This clip isn't an interview, but O'Reilly's temper was just too juicy to leave out. While trying to close an episode of the "Inside Edition," the production team has some difficulties, causing Bill to immediately flare up and shout "We'll do it live!" Vulgar language included.

Local NY Anchor and Reporter Bicker

There are plenty of videos online of anchors and reporters bickering with their interview subjects. But how often does the news team itself go toe-to-toe? Not enough apparently, as this hilarious and cringe-worthy interaction between a local NYC anchor and live reporter shows.

Anderson Cooper gets frustrated with anti-gay Arizona State Senator

Anderson Cooper is one of the most notable gay figures in the world. So you can definitely sense his frustration here when Arizona Governor hopeful Al Melvin doesn't clarify his stance on gay discrimination.

Jon Stewart Holds His Own Against CNN's Crossfire

He's a funny guy on "The Daily Show," but don't think that Jon Stewart isn't smart on his feet. While appearing on CNN's "Crossfire," the anchors chide and patronize Stewart into making jokes, while Stewart expected some actual political debate. But Stewart doesn't give in, holding his own and eventually calling Tucker Carlson a dick at the 12:30 mark.

Chelsea Handler Calls Out Piers Morgan

When Larry King left CNN, the network had trouble filling in the legendary anchor's shoes. And while their choice of Piers Morgan certainly provided for some early ratings boost, he proved to be a lackluster successor to the legendary King, as Chelsea Handler oh so deliciously points out in this candid interview.

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