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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield use paparazzi attention in the best way possible

(Twitter, Daily Express)

They want you to learn about these charities instead of where they had lunch.

They wanted us to learn about them, so here they are:

  1. Youth Mentoring Connection
    What do they do? Provide at-risk youth in the Los Angeles area with adult mentors to help them realize their full potential
    How to give support: Volunteer, become a mentor or donate.
    Learn more.

  2. Worldwide Orphans Foundation
    What do they do? Create programs to help orphans around the world become productive members of their societies
    How to give support: Get involved in an awareness campaign or upcoming event, or donate
    Learn more.

  3. Gilda's Club NYC
    What do they do? Provide a support community for people living with cancer and their loved ones
    How to give support: Volunteer or donate.
    Learn more about Gilda's Club NYC or find your local Cancer Support Community chapter.

In addition to this list, the most recent sign listed Autism Speaks, an organization that seeks to fund research, increase awareness, and advocate for those with autism and their families. Autism Speaks has been controversial within the larger autism community for their stance on the relationship between vaccinations and autism, and the language they use to describe autism. You can learn more about the organization on its website.
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