Mom and daughter's adorable lip-sync to Disney's "Frozen"

(Aubrey Marceaux/YouTube)

The soundtrack of Disney's hit musical feature, Frozen, continues to inspire song into the hearts of children and adults alike, perfectly exemplified by this mother and daughter's amazing lip-sync performance of "Love is an Open Door."

Aubrey Marceaux and her daughter, Teigan, give a tour de force faux rendition of the love-at-first-sight song in a parked car, while lyrics are sung by Princess Anna and Prince Hans (Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana). Originally posted on Aubrey's Facebook profile, the video has been shared more than 181,000 times.

"I have been seeing a lot if negative things on fb today, so I thought this would lighten it up!," wrote Aubrey.

Eventually, Aubrey posted the video to YouTube, seen above.

On her gender-bending role in the video, Aubrey wrote, "I always have to be the boy ;( lol."

What Disney song would you like this adorable pair to lip-sync next? Let us know in the comments below.

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