'I got it,' toddler says, while learning to walk with just one leg

(Kayden Steppinoutonfaith Kinckle)

Get ready to empty your tear ducts, because this video is truly inspiring.

This remarkable YouTube clip showcases the young, amputee toddler Kayden Kinickle learning to walk with an assisted device. Kinickle was born with a rare medical condition called Omphalocele, where his organs were born outside of his body. Chances were slim for Kayden to survive.

But two years later Kayden is miraculously proving doctors wrong. Even as he falls down, the toddler doesn't cry or wail, but keeps moving forward with an adorable and heartwarming "I got it." Kayden's bravery has brought in donations from across the country. NFL quarterback Michael Vick posted the video on his Facebook page and it has already been shared over 100,000 times.

Triumphing over a huge medical struggle at just two years old? This kid is going places.

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