Kid has hilarious and adorable reaction when a butterfly flies in his face

(YouTube, Doug Thompson)

Picture this: A butterfly flutters into the air for its first flight and lands...smack dab in the middle of your face! Would you stay calm?

Gunnar Thompson from Minnesota and his brother Harley were learning about metamorphosis using a caterpillar cage their parents helped them monitor. When it came time to let the new butterfly go, it wasn't ready just yet. After some help getting out of the cage, it flies straight at Gunnar's face. And it stays there.

He stands surprisingly still while the butterfly climbs up his nose and onto his forehead. The funny part? The way he screams in a hilarious combination of horror and delighted surprise. And then, once the butterfly is gone, he gives an ecstatic replay. Watch the adorable moment that Gunnar will surely be telling his friends about.
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