Bay Area Consumers' Checkbook rates best appliance stores

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Consumers' Checkbook just came out with ratings of appliance stores. (KGO-TV )

Consumers' Checkbook just came out with ratings of appliance stores.

Appliances aren't cheap, and they aren't something that people buy often, so it's good to trust the store where you make your purchases.

Walk around BSC Culinary in San Francisco and you'll want to redo your kitchen. The store has a fine layout, offers major brands and has been selected as among the best appliance retailers by Bay Area Consumers' Checkbook.

Pat Rose is a manager at the store. "Our sales people here at the store are more interested in educating the client on making the correct choice rather than trying to sell them something they may or may not want," Rose said.

Bay Area Consumers' Checkbook's Kevin Brasler, says the price difference between the least and most expensive appliance stores is only about 20 percent. And to get that deal consumers have to be proactive.

"The manufactures stipulate that the stores, if they want to sell these items, they can't advertise their items below a minimum amount. It is called the minimum advertised price," Brasler said.

He says even online appliances are priced nearly the same, so consumers need to ask for a discount and even take bids.

"Once you have identified the appliances you want to buy, call or email stores, especially independent stores, and ask them for the best price for that item," Brasler said.

Even at the best price is a high end kitchen worth the money?

"Many clients think they have to be a professional chef to have a professional range. It is not true," Rose said. "A professional range will make your cooking a lot more fun and if it is fun you will try and experiment with other foods and styles a lot more often."

Click here to get free access to the full appliance report.

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