High-risk sex offender moves into Fairfield neighborhood

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A high-risk sex offender has moved into a residential neighborhood in Fairfield and not all of his new neighbors are happy about it. (KGO-TV)

Police are warning parents after a high-risk sex offender moved into a neighborhood in Fairfield.

Demetris Juarez, 79, was just released from prison and is now in rehabilitation.

Juarez moved near families with children and some neighbors are not happy about it. "Yeah, he's here, I mean it's not a secret," one man said.

Juarez has a new home in a residential neighborhood, a Christian 12-step program, according to a man who told ABC7 News he accepted Juarez when no one else would. "Nobody wants him, pretty much, that's why I took him in, parole officer knows about it, it's fine," David Frias said. "He just wants to do the rest of his time as peaceful as possible, that's why he came to a Christian home."

Juarez was recently released from state prison in San Luis Obispo after convictions in 1977 and 1996 for lewd acts with a child.

Breeann Ahsam and her young children live just over the back fence from Juarez's new home. Fairfield police put out a press release, but Ahsam told ABC7 News she received no direct notice that Juarez would be living so close. "We like to take walks around here, there's a park, my son's school is within walking distance. It'd just be nice to know he wasn't so close in the vicinity of children, families and activities," she said.

Juarez must wear a GPS ankle bracelet and Frias told ABC7 News, he and others who live there will be monitoring the high-risk sex offender 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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