Sanders supporters file lawsuit to extend California voter registration deadline

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Some Bernie Sanders supporters filed a federal lawsuit to extend the deadline to register to vote in California's primary. (KGO-TV)

Today is the deadline to register to vote in California's primary. That's a big problem according to some Bernie Sanders supporters who are reportedly now suing to push the deadline back.

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Political Data Incorporated, a company that provides voter information to candidates and consultants, says so far more than 1.5 million people have registered to vote since January 1. And the registration numbers are nearing what California saw in the past two general elections. However, a new lawsuit may extend the deadline for registration.

The goal of this lawsuit is to push back the deadline, but it hasn't been heard by a federal judge yet.

Meanwhile, there are booths in Alameda County where voters can go and turn in their registration forms until Monday night's deadline.

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Every deadline causes a rush of activity and some of that was at Bernie Sanders' campaign headquarters in Oakland.

People have been calling voters, to make sure they're registered correctly, so they can have a voice in the Democratic primary. "This is huge for Bernie Sanders, we have a lot of his supporters who have registered for other parties such as the Green Party, there was a big confusion about the American Independent Party," volunteer Jeanette Boris said.

With the Democratic race still at full steam, Sanders and Clinton have been spending plenty of time in California. But a very strong showing in the state, is essential for Sanders' campaign.

There have been gripes that the state's quasi open primary system can be confusing.

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A lawsuit has been filed by Sanders' backers and members of the American Independent Party are asking a federal judge to keep registrations going because of that confusion. "People are going to the polls and they're unsure how to vote for a president, that's kind of a problem," Civil Rights attorney Bill Simpich said.

There are three California political parties that offer non-party preference voters a chance to vote in their primaries. "The Democratic, Libertarian and the American Independent parties are offering crossover voting for no party preference voters. But those voters have to specially request a ballot for one of those choices.

They can also participate in the contested Democratic primary by registering as a Democrat.

In Alameda County, voters can drop off their registration forms at a special court house deposit box or at a post office for a pre-midnight postmark.

Finally, they can register online at the California Secretary of State website.

The deadline to exercise any of these options is Monday, may 23, 2016 at 11:59 p.m.

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