Massive tree branch falls on home in San Jose

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Two families are waiting to find out if it's safe for them to move back in after huge tree branches came crashing down into their homes. (KGO-TV)

A massive tree branch came crashing down onto a home in San Jose at Fullerton Drive and Parrish Court.

"Came in through the bedroom, and this is where the branch fell, right here," said Dave Olstad, San Jose homeowner.

Part conversation piece:

"All the neighbors love the tree, they walk around the neighborhood everybody talks about the tree," said Olstad.

Part landmark:

"It's a heritage tree; there was a plaque in the tree that came out," said Olstad.

Part natural habitat:

"There's been a Screech Owl family for a couple years in the tree," said Olstad.

Now this massive 200 year old Valley Oak tree is history.

"We like the tree, but obviously it's unsafe now, so it's time to come out," said Olstad.

Last night Olstad was in his San Jose bedroom when he heard a roar.

A branch collapsed, damaging his roof, punching through the wall and just narrowly missing his window.

"If it would have caught us in the right spot in the bedroom, it could have been a disaster, so we're just thankful nobody got hurt," said Olstad.

It also took out part of his brand new fence.

"Several tons is what the fire department said hit the house and came into the house," said Olstad.

Dave's neighbor was in his living room when the branch broke.

"I thought it was a plane crash because I heard a roar and it started to get worse, and then there was a big boom and it scared me," said Gilbert Lasaca, neighbor.

Monday morning cleanup crews are out in force before more damage can be done.

"It's devastating, there's a lot of history," said Olstad.

An arborist said last week's heat wave played a role in bringing down the massive branch.

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