Emeryville police investigate rolling shootout on busy streets

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Emeryville police are looking for two people who held a rolling shootout on a busy residential street. They've released a picture they hope will lead them to the suspects.

Shell casings littered the ground in Emeryville after a shooter opened fire on another car during a chase. That person was captured on camera, leaning out of the car window with the gun.

If you ask police where this happen they'll tell you it happened on Adeline Avenue between 45th and 47th streets. That's a wide area because they were shooting while driving and there were at least two shooters. It took place around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

"This was very brazen, very dangerous," said Lt. Fred Dauer.

The lieutenant is referring to the shooting reflected in a surveillance picture that shows a gunman leaning out the passenger side window of a white car, firing a handgun.

Witnesses say he was shooting at another car that you can't see in the image, and someone in the other vehicle may have been shooting back.

"This is a residential area," said Dauer. "There are residences on both sides of the street. There were a number of rounds fired and at least two shooters that we're aware of."

Fortunately no one was hit and property damage was minor.

"One parked vehicle was hit," he said. "That's the only damage that we are aware of right now. We're not aware of any injured. No one has reported being injured and there are no reports right now of any one wounded."

Police say this behavior is rare inside the city limits. And they're hoping that this picture triggers someone's memory.

"We're hoping to get tips and information from the public if they recognize the vehicle in that picture or the person." said Dauer.

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