Danville man describes encounter with Isla Vista killer

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New details are surfacing about a Bay Area man and his encounter with the Isla Vista killer during his rampage. (KGO)

New details are surfacing about the Danville man who survived an encounter with a killer near UC Santa Barbara. It has been one week since Elliot Rodger launched his killing spree, and the survivor knows he's lucky to be alive.

Nick Pasichuke goes to University of Pacific. He was just visiting a friend at UCSB on the fateful night of the deadly rampage, but Nick isn't dwelling on his misfortune. He's not exactly up and about, but he's safe at home in Danville.

He gave an interview to CNN as he was still laid up in a hospital-style bed. "I'm in a bit of pain, but it's nothing I can't manage, nothing that can't be fixed over some time," he said.

It's good news for the star water polo player. "I can't imagine life without water polo. It's one of those things where, like, not even a second guess, all I wanted to do was get back in the water," he said.

Last Friday night, Nick was in Isla Vista visiting a high school teammate. He says they'd just grabbed some food and were skateboarding to another friend's house when Elliot Rodger plowed into them with his car, as he carried out his killing spree.

"We were just chatting about surfing and how our day's been going and stuff, and about the drive down, and next thing we know, car comes and just swoops me up into the air," he recalled. He was hit from behind. He says he never saw the car or the driver. He says he heard popping sounds before being hit, but thought it was firecrackers.

Then, on the ground, with two broken legs, he heard the sounds again, but it was at least 15 more minutes before he learned of the deadly shootings. Nick says people should, of course, mourn the victims, but also try to stay positive.

"It's a time when a lot of people are feeling sad, feeling down, but I just don't want people to be so distracted by that whole side of it that they forget people are still alive. People survived this thing," he said.

Nick just finished his freshman year at University of Pacific where he is on the water polo team. He's getting lots of support on Twitter from fellow college athletes and others using the hashtag #PrayFor Cheeks. "Cheeks" is a nickname he earned in high school.
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