Inflatable slide flies 300 feet away, injures 2 people in Nevada

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In Nevada the strong wind of a dust devil launched an inflatable slide 300-feet above the trees and injured 2 people.

There was another terrifying inflatable mishap -- this time in Sparks, Nevada.

During an Independence Day celebration, the strong wind of a dust devil launched an inflatable slide in the air and 300 feet away, knocking over lamp posts and everything in its path.

At least two people on the ground were taken to the hospital and treated for injuries sustained from all the flying debris. One woman required stitches on her head.

Witnesses could only watch in horror.

"...Shot it toward a tree where my son was sitting and then it just flipped it up into the air and I mean it went higher than a lot of the buildings and then it landed way over there," witness Nicc Thompson said.

This isn't the first time we have seen bouncy houses involved in wind-driven accidents. In fact, this is the third reported occurrence in as many months.

In June, two Colorado children were caught inside a bouncy house when it broke away. And in May, two children were seriously injured in upstate New York.

(Correction: The story originally mentioned two kids were injured in this accident, but the slide was empty when it flew up in the air. Two kids were injured in a previous accident in Colorado.)
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