Orinda neighbors very worried after home invasion robbery

People in an Orinda neighborhood are worried and feeling threatened after a home invasion robbery happened there. On La Espiral Road, masked gunman broke in while people inside were sleeping.

No one has been arrested yet in relation to this case. Neighbors want police to do more, since they've noticed large parties of 40-50 people have taken place at the house. Neighbors had always assumed those that live at the house are all college students, but now they want to know exactly who these people have been associating with.

One neighbor told ABC7 News, "They've had screaming matches with other neighbors in the past. Their relations with neighbors in our neighborhood is really poor."

For the past four years, neighbors say between four and eight people -- mostly students from St. Mary's College -- have been renting the home in Orinda.

The neighbor also said, "It's a revolving group of college students who have loud noisy parties and we've called the police frequently to shut down the parties."

Now neighbors, who are afraid to be seen on camera, believe the parties have attracted a criminal element to their community. Shortly after midnight, Orinda police say two masked men broke into the home where three people were sleeping and robbed them. Two of the victims were pistol whipped and now police say the victims are not cooperating with the investigation.

I spoke to one of them at the house. He wore sunglasses and would not show me his eye. He also would not answer why he was not cooperating with police.

Neighbors say this incident has now added a safety issue to their concerns.

Another neighbor we spoke with said, "We just want it to go away. It's not normal that anyone who isn't from here would be on these back roads."

The escalation from wild parties to a home invasion now has neighbors demanding that police do more than just shut down the noisy parties.
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