Residents speak out about frightening officer-involved shooting in Napa

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Some residents are speaking out about their frightening experience after a gun battle broke out between officers and a suspect in Napa Tuesday afternoon. (KGO-TV)

Some residents are speaking out about their frightening experience and sharing cellphone video about a gun battle took place in Napa Tuesday afternoon.

There are reports that the incident started as a fight between neighbors. Some witnesses said they heard yelling before gunshots broke out between the suspect and police.

Multiple gunshots can be heard on cellphone video that was taken from inside a home on Bueno Street and Linda Vista Avenue.

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Law enforcement yelled for people to clear the street during the gun battle with a neighbor at 2 p.m. on Tuesday. "I heard a big volume of gunfire a little while later and then there was an unbelievable amount of police," neighbor Don Lynn said.

Lynn was at home in a neighborhood known as usually being quiet.

When Napa County Sheriffs Deputies and Napa police officers showed up. "Its kind of unnerved. I didn't know what to expect," Lynn said.

Police arrived to reports that the suspect was firing shots in the neighborhood.

When they arrived, the suspect was backing out of his driveway in a now bullet-riddled Honda civic.

The man is accused of shooting at police, and that's when officers and deputies fired back.

Officials said the suspect crashed his car into a tree around the corner and died.

"He seemed like a friendly enough guy to me," Lynn said.

Jennifer Roche lives on the same block as the suspect, but was more concerned about her 10-year-old daughter who was locked down in school because of the shooting. "It's hard because I was worried about her and we were in San Francisco, so we were on our way back," Roche said.

"All of a sudden the principal said lockdown and so we had to get under the tables and we were really scared," West Park Elementary School student Avery Roche said.

Avery is in fifth grade at West Park Elementary School and she says she and four other students huddled under a table for an hour, unsure of where the shooter was.

They wrote letters to their parents during the shooting. "To our parents because what if we died or something," Avery said.

Some neighbors were allowed to return home late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

The district attorney is in charge of this investigation.

A few officers suffered minor injuries from shrapnel and glass.
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