Thousands attend gun show in Daly City

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A gun show in Daly City is drawing thousands of gun owners and enthusiasts this weekend. (KGO-TV )

A gun show in Daly City is drawing thousands of gun owners and enthusiasts this weekend. In fact, organizers expected double the crowds due to recent proposals by the president for more restrictions on firearm sales.

Some people needed hand carts to carry out boxes of ammunition they bought at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show where the sign out front says, Welcome patriots.

Fred Staub from Los Gatos showed off the ammo he bought Saturday to use on the firing range.

"I get good ammo at a good price. Hopefully before they stop allowing you to get it," Staub said.

Jesse Alvarado hopes to trade up his 9mm weapon for a .45 caliber. It's his first time at a gun show,

"I want to make sure I can have one legally and hopefully I don't have to use it," Alvarado said.

Footage shows how many people the event attracts. This weekend almost 8, 000 flocked to the Cow Palace.

Gun show owner Bob Templeton says president Obama's new initiatives to keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them, with increased background checks has not gone over well.

"People are concerned about their own gun rights," Templeton said.

"Background checks are a must, but not to the point where it's going to infringe on our rights," said Steve Lyles, a Pacifica resident.

No guns actually leave the show, but people can order through a gun dealer only after a background check and a 10-day waiting period.

Lorraine Taylor counsels victims of gun violence. Her organization, 1000 Mothers to Prevent Violence, was created after her two sons were murdered.

"I just think the idea of a gun show sends wrong message," Taylor said. "Given the fact that so many people have lost lives, to senseless violence. Having a gun show sounds respectable, and we know that it's not respectable."

The gun show continues through Sunday.
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