5 free apps to make your night out even better

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From rounding up your friends to splitting the check, these apps are must-haves for a fun night out (KTRK)

From rounding up your friends to getting concert tickets on the cheap, there's an app to plan your night out on the town!

Let Howl be the party planner for all the party animals. You can send out a howl and see which of your friends is interested in going out. Everyone responds yes or no without sending dozens of text messages and making numerous phone calls.

Night Out
Night Out is the ultimate happy hour database. The GPS feature will show you all the bars and restaurants with happy hours nearest you at any given time. The app makes it easy to compare drink and food specials and get your night started!

If you and a group of friends go out to eat and you can't split checks, use Venmo. One person covers the bill and everyone else can immediately transfer money into that person's account. Sending money is free when it comes from your Venmo Balance, bank account, or major debit card. Now there's no more IOUs or running to the ATM!

Beer lovers can come together using Untappd. Use the app to locate which bars are pouring certain beers. There's also a setting to find the closest breweries so you can grab a local brew. Use their trending beers feature to see what's most popular and you can give it a try.

You want to go out with your friends to celebrate, but you just can't make it. You can buy them dinner or that extra round of drinks with Gratafy. There are dozens of bars and restaurants in the greater Houston area that offer the Gratafy program.

Thrill Call
If you happen to be in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, or Seattle you should download Thrill Call. You can enter to win concert tickets to venues nearby or purchase discounted tickets. There are also coupons for free drinks when you check into a show.
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