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6 Whimsically Themed Weddings

When Good Morning America's Ginger Zee announced she was having a Michigan-themed wedding in Grand Rapids, it got us thinking about other whimsical wedding themes we've seen recently. We're right in the middle of wedding season, so whether you're a bride, bridesmaid or guest, take a look at these creative stunners for inspiration - or at least a dose of pretty on your lunch break.

1. Circus theme

What could be better than acrobats and twinkling lights on the day you pledge your life to your beloved? This couple's circus theme went above and beyond with great details and entertainment. Check out the whole wedding here.

2. Despicable Me theme

Weddings are supposed to be fun, and no one has fun like kids do. Using a children's movie as a starting point, this couple incorporated blue, yellow, and minions (of course) into their special day.

3. Uno-inspired theme

Uno is one of those games that everyone is always down to play. As wedding inspiration, it's the perfect way to add a casual and colorful vibe. Take a look at how this couple pulled it off.

4. Baking theme

You cannot go wrong with a dessert-themed wedding. Donuts as centerpieces? Macarons as decorations? We're drooling just thinking about it, and would give anything to be a guest at this super-fun wedding.

5. Glamping theme

Glamorous camping, or "glamping", is just what it sounds like: tents with king-size beds and chandeliers, hammocks and cozy slippers as you look out onto the lake. This couple incorporated their favorite glitzy, outdoors props into a fun-filled wedding celebration.

6. Disney theme

We couldn't leave out this one, because every little girl dreams of being a Disney princess. For some, though, the obsession is real all the way into adulthood! Check out this bride's sweet tattoos. Think she walked down the aisle to Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
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