Carjacker gets mobbed by passerbys, and arrested on scene

(irate leaf / YouTube)

In an alleged attempted car-theft, the would-be thief became swarmed by community members who put a stop to the crime in progress. According to the video uploader, Aaron Leaf, the man had attempted to steal the car while a woman and her children were still inside the vehicle.

WARNING: The video contains violent, graphic content and strong language. If you choose, you can watch the video on YouTube here.

Pedestrian passersby took notice of the screaming, and immediately swarmed around the vehicle. After scuffling the keys out of the man's hands, the crowd continued to drag the alleged thief into the parking lot, beating and wrestling him to the ground. As the violence escalates to a mob beatdown, the man is seen bleeding as he attempts to crawl away. Moments later, police arrive on the scene and wrestle the man into a sign post, arresting him on the scene.

"Women and children were checked out by EMT, seemed shaken up but no physical injuries," wrote Leaf.

What would you do in this scenario? Let us know in the comments below.

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