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The Smithsonian gave otters a keyboard and it's as awesome as it sounds

Could this possibly be as impressive as it is adorable?
These budding Beethovens don't hold back. Look at that form. The way they let their fingers dance across the keys. Such grace.

There's more where that came from. The Smithsonian's National Zoo is basically starting a band with all the musical experiments they've been posting this week.

Over here on the xylophone we have Bonnie the orangutan, who plays each note with care.

Give it up for Hank, the only sloth bear cub who keeps the beat going with a harmonica. Dance remix, anyone?

Last but certainly not least we've got Shanthi the Asian elephant. Watch her show her stuff at :47. A regular Billy Joel.

For the latest videos, follow along on the zoo's Facebook page.
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