Incredible video: Boy walks away after SUV runs right over him

(YouTube, CCTV-News)

If you believe in miracles, you're going to want to watch to the end of this video.

A 6-year-old boy in China is all right after a scary video caught him playing in the street unsuspectingly as he is put directly in the path of an SUV. The car runs right over him, and there is a horrifying moment when the spot where he was playing is revealed again, empty. Fortunately, the boy then emerges, hurt but OK, and goes inside.
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His parents can rest easy, though: China's CCTV-News reported that the boy only suffered bruises.

Perhaps the most bizarre part is what the driver of the SUV, who has been arrested, claims. According to CCTV: "that he has no clue whatsoever that the boy had come under his vehicle."
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