Son surprises mom with her dream car after spending a year saving for it

(Corey Wadden / YouTube)

While under the guise of shooting footage for a documentary film, Corey Wadden of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada captured his mother's genuine reaction as he surprised her with the car she's always wanted. In just two days, the video has amassed almost 800,000 views. Check it out below.

Leading her downstairs, Wadden hands his mother an envelope saying, "this came in the mail for you." As she opens it up, she's confused when she finds a photo of a car and a set of keys. When they walk outside together, she's shocked to find her brand new 1973 Saab 99 EMS parked outside.

While an unusual choice as a dream car, Wadden tells us that his mother used to clean houses for a living, and fell in love with the 1970s Saab after knowing a client who owned one. The client would even let her drive it from time to time, knowing she loved it.

After Wadden's mother lost her job over two years ago, he set off to earn enough money to finance her retirement. He claims he has not yet been successful, though but the new car is "a big milestone." Wadden spent a whole year searching for the car model and saving enough money to buy it.

Wadden credits himself as a "serial entrepreneur, actor, cinephile, ukulele jammer" on Twitter, with over 20,000 followers. Follow him on Twitter here: @coreywwadden

If you had the money, what gift would you surprise your parents with? Let us know in the comments below.

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