Have you fallen in love with soccer yet?

(AP / Elise Amendola)

The inevitable is happening - the World Cup will soon draw to a close and Americans will go back to the daily drudgery of life, sans soccer. Or will we? Many of us started as bandwagon fans, tagging along with our die-hard friends to a nearby bar to watch the US play. But somewhere in the middle of that match against Ghana, something within you ignited - you LIKED this game! You liked that the clock kept running even when people talked to each other, even when the ball went out of bounds, sometimes even when someone got hurt. It didn't stop, and the whole game could be watched in less than two hours.

This was good.

Now you, like many Americans faced with this newfound conundrum, have to decide what place soccer holds in your life now. Will you start rooting for Manchester or Liverpool (those words you've heard others say, but never cared about)? Do you suddenly realize why David Beckham was a big deal? Will you end up in a sports bar, one of the ones that adds an E to the word "grille", in a striped jersey alone to get your fix?

Maybe it won't be as dire as that, but it can't be denied that we'll never be the same after this World Cup run. Soccer (ahem, football) has finally arrived in the United States (or so we hope).

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