Pepe's red card: bad for Portugal, great for the US

It was a scene that elicited groans from Portuguese fans and joy from US supporters.
In the first half of the Portugal-Germany game, center back Pepe threw an elbow that hit Germany's Thomas Muller in the face.

Then, seemingly peeved by Muller's reaction, Pepe went back and head-butted him. Like a kindergartner on the playground.

He got a red card without a yellow first, removing him from that game and the next, which happens to be against the US.

Portugal is the fourth-ranked team in the world, with Pepe as their most decorated defender. He's been a wild card before, although this is his first red card.

It's good news for the boys in red, white and blue. Their 2-goal victory over Ghana has given legions of fans a reason to hope, and this removes one more obstacle to what everyone's hoping will be another smash win.

Here's hoping they can pull it off, especially if Altidore gets a clean bill of health after his hamstring sprain.

The US will play Portugal Sunday night at 6/7c on ESPN.
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