Meet World Cup hero Mario Gotze and his model girlfriend

(AP / Martin Meissner -- annkatevida / Facebook)

Mario Gotze shocked the world when he scored the winning goal in the 2014 World Cup Finals after the game went into extra time. And like the ending of a real sports hero drama, Gotze had soccer fans dropping their jaws again when he locked lips with German lingerie model Ann-Kathrin Brommel, who is perhaps the happiest WAG of World Cup. Photos below.

Brommel and Gotze, who have been dating for more than two years, made national headlines earlier this year when paparazzi snapped perverse photos of the couple having intimate moments on a yacht. This upset Brommel, who does not want to be known solely as someone else's girlfriend.

"Someone whose purpose in life it is to be the wife of someone I can not understand," she told German GQ in September 2013. "Although I am also the girlfriend of Mario Gotze, but I have my own personal goals I want to achieve. Otherwise I could not be more happy."

Brommel's personal goals include traveling to Australia and becoming a Victoria Secret Model. Both should be easy to reach, however, given Gotze's 7,000,000 Euro salary and Brommel's extensive modeling portfolio.

The young model is also a burgeoning musician and singer, taking lessons in voice and piano. To date, she has already released two pop singles under the pseudonym, 'Trina B.'

Citing her favorite music genre as 'pop,' and says, "But I love almost anything ... music is really one of my favorite things in this world."

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