These videos perfectly sum up how you felt during the US-Portugal match

(YouTube, Chris Read)

I believe that we will...not lose.
You may not have been in a giant crowd, but if you were watching Sunday night's World Cup match against Portugal (and cheering for the USA), you probably felt something like these people did.

After 64 agonizingly scoreless minutes of play for the boys in white, Jermaine Jones finally put one in the net.

It felt great. You and all your friends were chanting and screaming and it might have been something like this.

Tying was better than being down, but you knew we needed a win to be guaranteed to make it to the second round. Just one more goal, and that spot would be ours.

Then, in the 81st minute, your favorite soccer player-rapper Clint Dempsey knocked in a goal using his gut (literally), and you didn't know how else to express your sheer unadulterated joy that we were actually ahead except to scream really, really loudly.

You had to pinch yourself because this was too good to be true. To be ahead of Portugal, on our way to the second round. But you knew not to say anything out loud or you might jinx it.

You sat through the five minutes of injury time with your fingers crossed, watching the clock, thinking how close we were. And then the unthinkable happened, and Portugal tied it up. And you probably said a few 4-letter words (Warning: 4-letter words ahead).

A tie. In the last minute. The kind of play you groan about when you wake up and remember the next day.

But cheer up. The fat lady's not singing yet. We still have a shot to escape the Group of Death based on a number of scenarios.

While we wait for our game against Germany on Thursday, let's focus on the positive. And keep believing that we will win.
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