WE ARE DUB NATION: Meet some of the Warriors fiercest fans

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Houston, are you ready for this? Dub Nation is. (KGO)

Houston, are you ready for this? Dub Nation is.

The NBA's reigning champs are readying to face off against in Rockets in the Western Conference Championship, and Warriors fans are amped up with lots of Dub love. Here's what they had to say about their favorite team:

"They don't talk much during the playoffs. They dance a lot, but it's playoff time, and it's serious business." - Joy Medley on her and Stephen Curry (complete with mouthpiece!) puppets, who were born about a year and a half ago and come to as many Warriors games as possible

"The Warriors are impossible to beat. You know Humpty Dumpty and all the king's horses and all the king's men and how he fell off the wall and can never be put back together again? The other teams keep breaking their egg and have to keep trying to fix it. The Warriors haven't broken their egg. They're still on the wall." - 7-year-old Robert Wendeln, Dubs fan and nursery rhymes pro

"Everyone who knows me, knows I'm a man of suits. I have suits of all different types. And I love the Warriors. So, as more crazy suits came out, I did a search for 'Warriors suit' and finally came (up with this). I typically can pull this off, and most people can't." - Joe Houston, lifelong Dubs fan and social media-savvy connoisseur of fancy suits

"I've been coming to the games since they were 20 bucks, and I could walk down dang near courtside ... the crazy bad years where you just stuck with 'em, just waiting for this day to happen. From 'We Believe' to here we are. (To be a true fan) has to do with the suffering for so long. Did we really even think this day would come? Now it's been the norm. It's almost normal for us to expect to win." - Bobby Boyd, forever Dubs fan

"If you caught me the other day, I was a banana - head-to-toe gold with blue accents. So, I switched it up with an entire blue ensemble. I'm in Smurf mode. I want to mix it up and make sure we get that win the right way. - Khaled Taqi-Eddin, owner of 57 Warriors jerseys and proud 12-year season ticket holder

"They're the Splash Brothers, but for me they're the 'Tough Brothers'. With both of them (playing), the Warriors should win. All the time. It's like a relationship with brothers (when) they pass the ball, shoot the ball, run for the ball. In court life, they're really brothers - brothers in the ball." - Ethel Jasa, longtime Dubs fan who travels with her own 'Splash Brothers' duo

"This is grandpa and grandson's first game together. My father used to bring me to the games when I was little, so I decided to hold on to tradition and bring my child when I had him. Marcus has been watching the Dubs since Qwanda was pregnant and since Curry has been in the league. We've seen two championships - going on three - and four NBA Finals. So, right now we have a historical thing going down with all the Faulkner generations - my father, me and my son. We're just trying to keep the Warriors spirit alive." - Marcus Faulkner, with 5-year-old son Marcus, dad Joseph, and partner Qwanda Simpson

"My favorite memory? My dad told me KD was moving to the Warriors. He was always my favorite player, and it was just like, 'oh my gosh', just freaking out. I didn't know what to think. I mean, he was my favorite. And he was coming to the Warriors!" - Thomas DeLambert, 12, whose room is decorated in homage to the Dubs, complete with a framed Kevin Durant jersey and autograph.

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