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Epic video shows the best way to have fun at the airport

Celine Dion + empty airport + intense lip-synching = 5 minutes of pure awesome
What do you do when you have hours to kill on an overnight layover?

If it's anything like this, let's be friends, please?

Richard Dunn spent the night in Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport while waiting on his next flight. He decided to make the most of it in the best way possible: jam out to Celine Dion's "All By Myself."

Dunn uploaded this to his Vimeo channel and it quickly went viral.

It speaks to everyone who's ever been stuck in an airport for hours on end.

You feel so alone, and sometimes you are.

It can get pretty boring.

And lonely.

But Richard decides to stop feeling sorry for himself. So he unzips his jacket...

..and he gets into it.

I mean, really into it.

He even decides to do a silly recreation of a scene from Flashdance, because why not?
He's all by himself, after all.

Thank you, Richard, on behalf of longterm-airport-goers (and Celine Dion fans) everywhere.
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