Life slowly returns to normal after flood in Guerneville

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Guerneville residents are slowly putting their lives back together after the mighty Russian River overtook the town during a Bay Area storm. (KOG-TV)

The receding Russian River is allowing people to start the process of cleaning up in Guerneville Thursday.

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Jake Pritchett is checking out the mess the flood left behind inside her RV park in Guerneville. Most of the area is still underwater. Plants, which floated out of their pots, are the only thing she recognizes. "I always try to look hard at things, and find the good. California needed this weather," she said.

Co-owner Steve Gerst shows us how high the flooding got. At long last, the water is receding.

Nicole Cook is hosing down a muddy mess at her apartment complex on Mill Street where water was up to the doorknob of her utility shed. "When it showed it was going over flood stage, we pulled out," she said. "Went to a campground, stayed there for a while."

The Russian River is now receding below flood stage. Seven homes above Guerneville are redtagged and remain off limits after a mudslide came dangerously close. Authorities fear the slide could topple giant Redwoods, but for many the danger has passed.

Life in Guerneville is slowly returning to normal.

"It's receding. I can get out after being trapped for five days, come into town, do what I need to do," said Guerneville resident Ken Rasmussen.
Click here for information on how to remove debris from your property.

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