San Jose residents shed layers to stay cool during heat wave

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As temperatures rose during a heat wave Monday, so did hemlines and shorts in Downtown San Jose's Cesar Chavez Plaza. (KGO-TV)

There's a combination of fire and ice in San Jose on Monday as the San Jose Sharks are on a hot streak in the playoffs. Even the weather is a lot warmer than expected.

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In Downtown San Jose at Cesar Chavez Plaza, not a drop flows from the city's famous fountain.

Landscapers hired by the Parks Department toiled in the heat, laying down new sod.

Abelardo Rodriguez is an old hand at this kind of weather. "It will be 85 or so. When it's over 90, that is when it's really hot," he said.

As temperatures rise, so do hemlines and shorts.

When asked where we draw the line between a heat wave and a nice spring day, Fremont resident Rita Vieira responded, "When I'm sweating a lot. That's a heat wave." She thinks it's about to happen.

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About to, or already did for San Jose State student Ray Surry. This was not a day to do laundry but that's where we found him, somewhere between the unpacking and the rinse cycle.

"Yeah, I procrastinated. Had to come today before class," he said.

So let that be a lesson.

Some people remained unimpressed about the rising temperatures or they didn't get the heat wave memo. "Every change of weather, people get freaked out," cyclist Martin Dixon said. "Yeah, people get kind of soft."

Even on a perfect spring day.

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