Photos of fat cats prove all body shapes are beautiful

Photographer Pete Thorne wants to show the other side of curvy kitties, who he believes are unrepresented in popular culture, or misrepresented entirely.

Thorn is self-publishing his collection of fat cat portraits as a coffee table book titled "Fat Cats: Large and in Charge," complete with funny and heartwarming stories from the cat owners in hopes of people seeing "roly-poly" pets in a whole new light.

"The prevalent image of the fat cat today in the media is cynical and not silly," wrote Thorne in an email to ABC. "The fat cat is a space for low-grade brutishness and malaise: cats posed with beer bottles, cats stuck in doors, cats seemingly contemplating whether they would like to eat other less-fat cats. In short: unhealthy cats. Meant to be mocked and shamed."

Thorne believes as society has made long strides toward the understanding and acceptance that all body types can be beautiful, these "portly cats celebrate that sentiment."

"Sure, they are fat. But they are also kind, complex, distinguished, smart," wrote Thorne. "These cats are beautiful. And yes sometimes silly."

The coffee table book is currently seeking crowd-funding from Kickstarter.

A lover over all animals, Thorne previously made a photo series of senior dogs, titled "Old Faithful: Dogs of a Certain Age."

Discover more of Throne's work here:

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