Former 49ers coach Chip Kelly won't rule out any job

Now that Chip Kelly is a free agent, the timing might be right to return to the college ranks.

"I evaluate all jobs individually," he said to Fox Sports. "I wouldn't rule anything out."

Kelly was fired Sunday by the San Francisco 49ers after one 2-14 season.

Kelly had his greatest success at Oregon before coaching the Eagles and then the 49ers. Finishing out seasons with the Eagles and 49ers before getting fired limited his options for college jobs.

"I've never said I'm only looking at one thing," Kelly told Fox Sports. "I will never leave my team when there are games left in the season, so I never looked at college because all those jobs are filled while NFL season is still going on.

"I only talked to NFL teams after our bowl game was over when I was at Oregon. It's pretty simple for me: You can never leave your players during the season. How can you ask players to be all-in and then leave when you get a better deal?"

Kelly had three years remaining on his contract with San Francisco, and the Eagles also still owe him money, so he has some flexibility in finding his next job.

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