WB Hwy 37 in Novato closed until Saturday due to flooding

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) -- Westbound Highway 37 will remain closed in Novato until Saturday following a levee breach. Novato Creek was already at capacity when waters flooded a field to the south of the highway.

Lanes are closed at Atherton and traffic is being diverted to Hwy 101. Police say the highway will remain closed until 8 a.m. Drivers can also take Richmond-San Rafael Bridge or take WB 37 to 121 to 116 back to 101.

The levee's purpose was to prevent the waters of the Novato Creek from flooding the adjoining field south of Highway 37.

Yesterday, water was also going over the top of a second levee near Pacheco Pond.

Repairs to the breached levee will eventually be made by adding rocks and other materials to fill that hole, but only after it stops raining and the waters have receded.

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