San Bruno student sickout to support teachers

SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KGO) -- Students and parents held a sickout Friday at a San Bruno elementary school to support their teachers.

Instead students and parents confronted Superintendent David Hutt as he arrived.

Only 75 out of 340 students went to school at Belle Air Elementary School.

The school district is facing a more than $2 million deficit and is looking to cut teachers and put more children in each classroom.

"We want to support the teachers because we don't want to lose them. They are really good teachers here, and the board wants to cut some of them and that's why we are fighting for them," parent Yolanda said.

"The message that I've heard from people today, I understand that. I also know that the grownups are going to have to come together to solve this. I don't want today to be a lost school day for children of Belle Air," Superintendent Hutt said.

Teachers are currently working under a contract that expired last June.
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