'We're all in this together': Oakland neighbors help dozens impacted by COVID-19 without spending a dime

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Like many others during the shelter-in-place order, ABC7 News anchor Jobina Fortson has been spent more time at home.

As a result, she's met more of neighbors like Erica Yader, Vreni Stollberger, and Caitlin Joseph.

The women are a part of a larger group of Oakland neighbors that stumbled their way into helping the community.

At this stage of the pandemic, millions of people are hurting financially, including those who want to help others.

However, Jobina's neighbors found ways to help others for free and maybe your community could too.

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"One of my neighbors reached out on Nextdoor and said that her family had fallen on some hard economic times," Yader said. "She was hoping that some of her neighbors might have some herbs or extra extra produce in their garden."

And that was just the beginning.

"We have an amazing lemon tree in the back of our property," Stollberger said. "I just said if you want any lemons, we've got more than enough."

The initial post took off and neighbors started offering items left and right. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

"We got a good hook up from a friend that runs a pizza shop," Joseph said. "We got a 50 pound bag of flour and I thought, well I should probably share the wealth. So I put up a post on Nextdoor and said, 'Hey I like to make bread.'"

And now Joseph's been making about four loaves of bread every few days.

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Yader's been sharing fresh herbs too.

"I do have a garden and I have plenty of greens and herbs to share," Yader said.

"We're all in this together," Yader said.

Yader is correct, and Jobina also adds that her neighbors are awesome.

Sharing with others has other added benefits, Stollberger said.

"It's been great for my mental health and just helping other people feels good," Stollberger said.
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