Alameda police say serial burglar sexually assaulted teen in Alameda home

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) -- Police in Alameda are issuing an urgent warning that residents be on alert for a man who they say broke into a home and sexually assaulted a girl in her own bed. He's also suspected in a series of break-ins.

Alameda police are out right now canvassing neighborhoods, going door-to-door trying to gather as much information they hope will lead to an arrest. This is on top of the increasing patrols and sending out undercover officers to try and find the serial burglar

The man, who's seen in a surveillance video image, is said to be responsible for at least six different break-ins in Alameda in the past two months.

The cameras caught the suspect as he was tried to force his way into a room at the Rodeway Inn Motel in June.

"Obviously no place is completely safe," said Alameda resident Yona Lightson. "People have to be very very careful."

The suspect is said to be around 18 years or older, about 150 pounds with curly hair on the top and short sides.

Police say there have been six attacks in the past two months and in all cases, the burglar is making his way in through unlocked windows.

The most recent break-in happened on Sunday. Police say the suspect entered a bedroom and sexually assaulted a teen while she was sleeping.

"Each of these cases taking evidence whether it be fingerprints, witness, physical evidence, and we're processing all the evidence," said Lt. Jill Ottaviano.

Residents have been told to take extra precautions.

"I lock all my doors, windows, just your basic common sense stuff that people forget to do," said Alameda resident Mary Brewer.

Detectives are working around the clock to catch the burglar before he strikes again. And they're partnering with as many organizations as they can to do that.

"Contacting Alameda businesses, city businesses, working with city entities like the housing authority, school district, anyone who might know who young man is," said Ottaviano.

Police are investigating a seventh break-in that may be tied to the suspected burglar. They say in this particular case, the suspect broke into the home when the owner wasn't there and stole a car that was later found abandoned nearby.

To report any suspicious activity or if you have additional information, you should contact the Alameda Police Department at: (510) 337-8340.
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