Bay Area company makes desk chair that allows employees to recline while working

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Most people still sit at a desk, but standing desks have become all the rage.

Now, a new kind of desk is offering a third option and they're building them right here in the Bay Area.

There are desks made of soda cans, desks that remind workers to stand up and now there's the Altwork station and workers can use it to stand, sit or relcine, a mode they call they call Zero-G.

"Sometimes it's good to stand, sometimes it's good to sit, sometimes it's good to recline," said Jim Shissler, Altwork spokesman. "The key is to have the body in constant comfort."

Altwork is a Bay Area company manufacturing locally.

"You have your choice of a bunch of finishes. You can choose your desk, your seatback," Shissler said.

They've received over 600 inquiries about ordering the $3,900 workstation. If these workstations start catching on, they could change the layouts of entire offices.

Management at the Galvanize co-working space is thinking it over.

"The whole vision of co-working is to break down the walls of the cubicle, so I think this would fit perfectly with that vision," said Hanako Tonozuka, Galvanize Membership manager.

Of course, it takes some adjustment. Computers typically obey the laws of gravity, without a little help.

"Our product ships with a set of magnets, so whether you're Mac, PC, whatever you want to use," Shissler said.

They say if you're comfortable. You'll be more productive as long as you're not too comfortable.
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