Here's who made it to the 'American Idol' top 24

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NEW YORK -- Night two of the Showstoppers round began where "American Idol" left off on Sunday - with Alanis Sophia and Casey Bishop waiting to learn their fate.

Luke Bryan broke the news in a tense-filled opening minute - They are both heading to the next round!

Willie Spence, who is getting a second chance at chasing his dreams, gave another moving performance covering Beyonce's "I Was Here" to advance to the top 24.

"So powerful. So deliberate," Lionel Richie said.

"You have the gift from God - the ability to sing," Luke Bryan said.

Mary Jo Young admitted she was hanging on by a thread after a near-disastrous duet performance in which she could not remember her lines.

The 19-year-old from Cleveland bounced back strong with a rendition of "Us" by James Bay.

The judges were still skeptical.

"Do you just want to be a TikTok star or do you want to be an American Idol?" Katy Perry asked.

Skepticism aside, Mary Jo earned a ticket to the top 24.

Hunter Metts conquered his fear that he's just not good enough for what he described as the biggest moment of his life.

The software developer from Tennessee covered "July" by Noah Cyrus with grace and confidence that had Lionel Ritchie clapping from his virtual location (quarantined due to possible COVID-19 exposure).

Hunter's journey is continuing.

For some contestants, tonight was the end of the 'Idol' road. Music teacher Funke came back after fainting on duet night but was eliminated on Showstopper night along with her duet partner Ronda Felton. Emisunshine, Lizzy O'Very, and Camille Lamb were also eliminated.

The journey also ended for Althea Grace from suburban Chicago. She has been making music since she could barely walk, but the health struggles of her 2-year-old daughter had inspired her to chase her dreams.

Another Chicago singer, Grace Kinstler dedicated her Showstopper to her late father. Her heartfelt performance gave me chills and impressed the judges as she advanced to the top 24.

Deshawn Goncalves sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" to land in the top 24.

"Your journey has brought tears to my eyes," Lionel Ritchie said. "You call your family on the phone and you tell them, 'dad, I made it!'"

Colin Jamieson rolled the dice with his Showstopper choice to break away from his past.

"In my early teenage years, I was in a boy band. I was in that band for about five years," he said.

After the curtain came down on the band, Jamieson took a hard look at his career.

"And that's when I fell in love with music for me, and not for other people," he explained.

Jamieson's unconventional choice "Sugar, We're Goin Down" had Katy and Lionel jamming and landed him in the top 24.

The two youngest contestants featured Laila Mach of New Paltz, New York. She just turned 16 and performed with a band for the first time for her Showstopper. Laila was good, but...

"You have the skillset and the talent. Your voice is getting better and better and better," Kary Perry said. "You have so much of the right stuff, but I think it's a matter of timing for you, Laila. Sometimes, we have to say no."

Even younger at 15 is Ava August of California. She performed an original song for her Showstopper and impressed.

"She's 15 and definitely interesting," Luke Bryan said as she advanced to the top 24.

Another high school student, 17-year-old Nia Renee of Arkansas, fell short of advancing despite what Lionel Ritchie described as a powerful performance.

Liahona Olayan, a 16-year-old high schooler from Hawaii, admittedly got a pass after her duet performance, so she came determined to win on the Showstoppers' stage and even ended her performance with a split.

"We see a lot in you and we want the best for you," Luke Bryan said, announcing that she advanced to the top 24.

Madison Watkins of Fayetteville, Arkansas challenged herself by taking on James Brown's "It's A Man's World" for her Showstopper.

She dazzled for a spot in the top 24.

Alana came to the stage ready to bust some windows to land in the top 24.

She was smashing!

Anilee List, a college student from Los Angeles, also showed she's somebody who belongs in the class of 24, covering Rufus and Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody."

The final spot came down to returning 'Idol' contestant Drake and new dad Cecil Ray.

Drake broke out of his mold by performing Luke Bryan's "Country Girl" while Cecil tried to extend his range with "Beyond" by Leon Bridges.

As he did to open the show, Luke Bryan broke the news.

"Drake, you're not in our top 24. We love you, buddy. You're worthy of being here," he said. "Cecil, we see very, very interesting things in you. We want to give you this shot."

Rounding out the top 24:

Alyssa Wray
Jason Warrior
Andrea Valles
Chayce Beckham
Caleb Kennedy
Wyatt Pike
Cassandra Coleman
Hannah Everhart
Graham DeFranco

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