Auto body shop in Antioch gives away cars to those in need

ANTIOCH, Calif. (KGO) -- A holiday tradition that changes lives was renewed in Antioch Wednesday.

Outside were five cars, with five red ribbons. Inside was a room filled with anxious people. On this day every year, we couldn't have one without the other.

"I mean, health-wise, not being able to breathe is a scary thing." Why would Ally Jenkins of Discovery Bay make such a comment?

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Because that part of her past defines her future.

She's been a typical teen and cheerleader, said her mom, Holly, until, "She just had a stroke in the middle of the night at age 14."

Since then, Ally has had three total lung transplants, leaving her family so much in debt that they cannot afford to get her a car. That all changed Wednesday as, for the 18th year Mike's Autobody of Antioch partnered with insurance companies, parts suppliers, and its own employees to give away cars to needy people at holiday time.
It begins in the shop, with the techs.

"I mean, I don't know what I would do without a car, you know?" said Jason Tebbett, who has worked on the cars for several years. He and others donate nights, weekends, and expertise to restore and fix cars that insurance companies had written off as totaled. They have performed these holiday miracles 79 times.

"I come from Mexico. When someone needs something," said tech Juan Hernandez. "I understand the need. I been through that. Always happy to do it."

The three men worked on a white Ford Fusion that now looks as good as new. For Erika Quinteros, and her daughter Jasmine, owning that car means no more bus trips and security in a tough neighborhood. "It will get us home safely," said Erika. "That's something we don't have right now. Believe it."

As for Ally, she plans to work in the medical field to help people just like her.
"When is the last time you had tears of joy like this?" we asked.

"When I had my transplant."

So, when we say it's only the second happiest day in her life, that's the context.

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