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About La Graziosa, the graceful cookie™

La Graziosa, the graceful cookie™ was started in 1995. A single family biscotti recipe was the starting point. We baked biscotti at home for personal use and soon realized that our biscotti could compete in quality against well established brands. We came to this conclusion after researching numerous manufacturers of biscotti both local and all the way to the east coast of the United States.

We started to offer our biscotti to local delicatessens, coffee shops, and grocery stores with great acceptance. Our first customer was Oakville Grocery Company located in the heart of the Napa Valley, and today they are still a customer.

The product we offered was selling well and repeat orders were delivered during our free time, usually at lunch break since we held regular full time jobs. The baking was done on the side. We continued to develop new flavors spun from our original formula.

From the start we wanted to offer our customers high quality products made from scratch in small batches using the best ingredients available, and at the same time, provide excellent customer service and attention to detail. Customers were found by soliciting business through presentation and sampling of the product. Many businesses became customers by word of mouth. This trend continues today.

As our customer base grew so did the demand for new products which we slowly incorporated to our line. We became a bakery known for good customer service and consistent, high quality products, for businesses looking to offer their customers the best product they could find.

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