Free yourself from clutter

Principles for cleaning clutter:

  • One item at a time
  • Like kind things together
  • Go 100 percent; no stone unturned
  • Take breaks
  • A path for everything, everything on its path

Definitition of cluttter:

  • Garbage
  • Petty unfinished business
  • Mix up jumbled unlike things
  • Unmade choices
  • Hanging on to or dishonoring the past
  • Uncomfrontable areas of life

About LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter:
It's a service which offers to teach people how to let go of 'too much stuff' - papers, clothes, and other paraphernalia - as a pathway to greater productivity, effectiveness, creativity, spontaneity, vitality and peace. · Being neater and tidier is a benefit of cleaning clutter, not the goal. · Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of oneself are all connected. · While we cannot literally get our hands on our emotions, mind or spirit, we can get our hands on our physical 'stuff'. · In the process of letting go of 'stuff' which is irrelevant to who we want to be and to our goals in life, we not only 'get organized'. We become free in all aspects of being. · Cleaning clutter opens the space for the accomplishment and fulfillment of what is most important to us in our life.

LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter workshop
Sunday, October 12
East West Bookstore
324 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041
1-4pm $25 in advance, $29 day of event
To reserve tickets, please call 800-909-6161

Buy the book on Amazon: LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter About Michelle Passoff:
She's the author of LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter (HarperCollins) and founder of a service by the same name. She empowers people to let go of what they do not want, need, use and love, and to surround themselves with what nurtures and supports them. Prior to launching LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter in New York City in 1991, Ms. Passoff was a public relations consultant. She worked for leading public relations agencies in behalf of major consumer products manufacturers in the fashion, food and high technology industries. For six years, Ms. Passoff owned her own boutique public relations agency, which focused on home furnishings and fashion. Ms. Passoff spent more than 15 years on a path of personal growth and development studying issues of being human, being a woman, being a businessperson, and spirituality. Ms. Passoff came to the conclusion that cleaning clutter of all kinds - emotional, mental, spiritual and physical - freed people to invent their future and fulfill their dreams rather than to live blindly as a result of their past or as a victim of their circumstances. Passoff chose to change careers and focus on cleaning physical clutter to make a contribution to others. Although the problem of clutter is common and cleaning it seems mundane, Passoff saw that the results of cleaning are extraordinary and the impact on the quality of life profound. After teaching and consulting on the issue of clutter for more than 12 years, Ms. Passoff created a course called "From Battleground to Common Ground: Cleaning Clutter for Couples" with her partner, Andre Kupfermunz.

Michelle Passoff offers Private Clutter Cleaning Sessions in the Bay Area available through March 15th 1-877-Free From Clutter (1-877-373-3376). For more information, visit

Ms. Passoff leads seminars, workshops, retreats, and private consultations in the United States, Australia and England.

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